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Never Go Back

by SeaStar

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David Norrie
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David Norrie Loved this band since seeing them at Perthshire Amber. Often play them on the Folkzone my 2hr radio show on Tuesday evenings. Along with many other artists I've seen at Perthshire Amber. Favorite track: Along the Tay.
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Hjarta og Eldur / The Orkney Snow Oh, the wars hold on and the stars are dressed in red. And the winds of winter do blow and blanket our dead. Oh the gold, gold glow of our fire holds our souls as we wait in the snow to find the dragon’s smoldering breath. We have traveled far from the shores I call my home to find the creature who has turned my heart to stone. Oh the green, green glow of my true love’s eyes are closed and I will fight like hell to slay the cruel and deadly orm. Chorus Hjarta og Eldur! Hear my ancestors’ roar! And though the shadows hide you now By my sword you will fall. And this night our swords were raised in battle again. And we drank and sang to our fathers, heroes, and kings. Oh the blue, blue walls of Valhalla’s halls grow near; but, my soul won’t rest until the cruel dragon is slain. Chorus
The Little Western It was the 12th of June 1880, from Gloucester, Mass. we board a 16’ dory. We had provisions for coffee twice a day; to cross the Atlantic was impossible they say. Chorus Yet we tossed off the dock lines that day. Raised the sail, we’re on our way! We’re bound for England and don’t you forget: it’s a long, long way from home. We traveled forth, 60 miles a day. At times, we met other ships along the way. A British Steamer cried, “Boys! Are you wrecked!?” No! The Little Western’s the smallest boat to cross this ocean yet! Chorus And the winds began to blow! And the seas rose below. And the skies open wide with disdain. We were tossed up and over and twice down again. And we lost our course in the waves and the rain and The Little Western sailed for her life and not her fame. The morning after we soaked in the sun, bailed the water, and managed the undone. We sipped our coffee as the fog lifted slow and there unfolded the banks of England. Land Ho! Chorus
Austin 01:11
Austin Oh, the fall winds blow with a dark hello through the trees where I once tread. And your voice I hear when the cardinal’s near, just a memory holding on by a thread. Time rolls slow, all these years and tears, so long since you’ve been away. As the sweet bird sings, thoughts of you begin, holding close to the dying of day.
Never Go Back I was raised on a road that foretold of a world that was waiting, it was waiting there for me. And I sang old songs about places and dreams that were coming, they were coming I could see. And I knew the time was nigh, all the places that I'd fly. And something said to me. Chorus Kick up your heels, oh Lord. Just dry your eyes, uh huh. Shake out your memories. You can never go back. You can never go back, no, no. And for years I roved on with not more than a song in my pocket, oh, my pockets were so lean. And the faces I met fed my soul full of stories and magic, oh, the magic I have seen. And I think of my family’s home, miss my daddy, and the road where I've grown. And something says to me. Chorus
Along the Tay In the 14th century along the banks of bonny Tay. A young lad drew his sword too late and on that bank he lies today. We are driving north from Edinburgh. The boot's all laid with music gear. Up to Dunkeld town for beer and a tune or two for those who'll hear. And we will stay there. And we will play their fair. From our land and loved ones 'cross the pond to a town we've not laid eyes upon. Beneath the town's a cobbled street that led up to a castle wall. Many Picts and Jacobites did fall and their gravestones ring the ruined hall. We are met by violins at chins, played by masters half our age. With a pint and grin we all join in ‘cause every pub's a common stage. And we will play there. And we will play their fair. From our land and loved ones 'cross the pond to a town we've just laid eyes upon. Won't you come sit a while? Yes, let's come sit a while. Won't you come sit a while and play? Won't you come sit a while? Yes, let's come sit a while and play. Back in the 14th century fair Dunkeld town did come to be. And it grew 'til folks lived comfortably to the point where they cheer company. We are packed before we want to be. The car is due back at half-three. We subside a little with each street that takes us from those souls we'd meet. If we could stay there. If we still played their fair; but, our land and dear ones 'cross the pond are the loves we first laid eyes upon.
Nineteen 03:41
Nineteen Every night when the moon is shining, following me down that old road, I hear the cries from the lonely ghosts coming from the tracks near Dillsboro. Back in the days of the old chain gangs, amidst the cold December snow, the winds of fate crossed the mighty Tuck and took the lives of nineteen souls. Chorus And oh, you hear them cry as the train pulls by. See the tears flow down the tunnel walls as you hear the wails of nineteen souls who spent their last days building the rails for the Cowee Train. No man or mountain can stop ambition and danger to some is just a word, but the tink of axes built a chorus that laid the track for the hairpin turn. And every morning they crossed the river; a twenty-man gang in irons strong. The river rushed and snapped the boat and all but one was left to drown. Chorus They buried the bodies in an unmarked grave near the end of that tunnel wall. They say a man’s got only his name but that too was lost in this sad tale. And to this day you can take that train, through the tunnel, down, and back again. You’ll hear the chains and the rush of water and the echoes of those nineteen men. Chorus
Luaidh Mo Chèile It was on a bright snow moon when she heard the starlings’ cry. It was night when wings are still yet in the sky, a thousand did fly. She sang so sweetly back to them. She knew it was a sign. By the pull of the new moon, her true love would sail nigh. He was born from sea and scorn yet raised by wing and song. And a curse kept him from land, forever sailing the storms. Until the day he heard a tune more beautiful than the lark's. An anchor wrapped around his heart, he'd return where he was caught. On the black of the new moon, from the rocks the lady did wait. And he came from the North winds on the waves that held their fate. He reached his hand to pull his love upon the three mast craft and, as she reached, the waves swelled high, to the sea she fell so fast. With the rush he leapt to the deep for to save his lady fair. And the waves forged on so fast like a hundred of Neptune's mares. He pulled her near and swam ashore. Her pale body did lie. And he held her, oh, so close as she slowly opened her eyes. "Oh, my love you've saved my life and on the land you lie with me." And she kissed him, oh, so soft for she knew this could not be. With the words “I love you so”, a rush of wings did sound and he was gone with starlings’ cries to the sea forever bound. On the night of the snow moon you may hear a thousand wings. With the cold night's golden stars, a lady's voice will sing, “Luaidh mo chèile. Faigh dòigh air an Uaimh Bhinn. Come, my love, unto the rocks and hear my heart take wing.”
If It'd Rain 07:21
If It’d Rain Oh, I know that life is how you live. Go to church, work hard, do good, and forgive. We had our house, our fields, and friends. And you never know how life's gonna bend. Oh, the drought was hard in '32 and our crops they dried and never grew. And the storms of dust rolled in, burned our eyes, stole the songs that we'd sing. Chorus If it’d rain, it’d wash away the tears. If it’d rain, it’d mend this broken year. And this dusty scene is a bad dream that needs to blow away, if it’d only rain today. We lost the cows and hogs in '33. Those wind just came and stole the land wildly. And some friends they moved away. We wished them well, swept the dust, and we stayed. And I wrung my hands in '34 as those dunes they gathered at my front door. Every plate and spoon held gray and I looked out with the baby on the way, praying. Chorus Oh, there was a cry in '35 and my baby came with a kick to survive. How she felt like meadows green. She gave us hope in a place of droughted dreams. It was shirtsleeve warm on Palm Sunday, not a lick of wind to get in our way. But over yon came rolling wave, o’er a mountain wide and midnight grave. A thousand furies black and howling tore at the earth and whipped it to the ground. We ran so fast, our eyes and lungs burning. And it stole the sun, rose the roof, broke the glass, and shook our very souls. Oh, we did survive that frightful day, though many died, were left blind, they had nowhere to stay. We helped ourselves and neighbors mend by singing songs and harbouring friends. And by '38 we knew the score, either sink or swim in this dusty shore. Our weathered hearts and hands held strong for you never know how life will move along. And it rained. It washed away the tears. And it rained. It mend some broken years. And this dusty scene, that long bad dream, began to slip away. And it rained and rained today.
Galway Bay 04:06
Giant 04:23
Little Blue Boat Chorus Oh, Little Blue Boat won’t you take me to sea. Take me to the waters so free. Sail me to my dreams. Oh, Little Blue Boat won’t you take me to sea. Take me to the waters so free. Sail me, Sail me home. It was on the 24th of May we sailed for Amerikay. A better life we chose but only heaven knows if we’d be back some day. The boat was strong, over 40 feet long and the crew a motley sight, the cabins small, people wall to wall, but my dreams kept me strong at night. Chorus The nights were long and I missed my home for I left my one true love. She told me not to wait as she held my face; I’d send for her when work was found. The seas were rough and many men were lost as typhoid fever did spread. The condition’s poor, who could take much more, then we saw New York ahead. Chorus The city was cold but my spirit ran bold even with the signs “No Irish need apply”. But I stood my ground and I quickly found that whiskey would save my life. Oh, gather up the corn and heed the scorn of that crazy game called fate. In a year and three months, Prohibition went nuts and I was back at the starting gate. Chorus So it’s on a boat that I harbour hope that I’ll find my one true love. No fishing here, though our catch is clear, bottles of gold we haul away. For in the hulls would but fill your gullet full of that fire drink of life. And the money’s good, another voyage should bring my true love home to be my wife. Chorus
Arrow 04:39
Arrow I saw my breath. It hung in night. I felt the arrow's thirst for flight. I heard a cry caught in wild twilight. I trudged the path, it's boggy steam. I held the bow, the shaft, and seam. I startled birds and bats waking a dream. Chorus Pull back, pull back and let fly. Pull back, pull back and let fly. I had too much of hearing “no” and let the road show where to go, shedding twigs and leaves of what I had known. I heard stars echo the past and still we wish, some cosmic laugh. And something screams and flies up from the ash. Chorus I saw the spark behind my eyes. I knew that birth breathes death’s goodbyes. I felt the cold and the pain in my mother's eyes. I hear the call and raise my aim and through the site your face remains. Five years gone and I'm still crying out your name Chorus I saw my breath hang in the night. I felt the arrow's thirst for flight. I sought a dream.... Chorus


Dusty dreams, salty seas, and a silver lining. Powerful vocals, contagious melodies, and singable choruses tangle together in a unique fusion of Celtic, Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass.


released August 23, 2016

Songs written by Fae Wiedenhoeft except 01. Trad.; 06. Michael Falcone; 10. Francis Fahy/Trad.; 11. Stan Rogers; 13. Robert Burns/Melody Benbow. Performed, arranged, and produced by SeaStar © 2016. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pat Sample at Paradise Sound Studio. Photography by Michael Falcone. Design by Jetbutterfly.

In memory of Gary Parish & Louis Falcone

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to our fans, families, and friends!
Special thanks to Pat Sample for his patience, guidence, and friendship.
For booking and more information, visit www.WeAreSeaStar.com


all rights reserved



SeaStar Seattle, Washington

SeaStar hails from the rainy town of Seattle.
Since 2007, Fae Wiedenhoeft and her band have been entertaining audiences with their unique blend of Celtic Folk. Their award winning, traditional sounding compositions and clever story songs are loved and revered by many across the globe.
They have traveled to many places with their music and cannot wait to share some stories with you!
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