SeaStar Home EP

by SeaStar

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the hawthorn tree ~ Fae Wiedenhoeft 26 february 2007 along fair Arran's shores the swans sing soft of tale of yore, of a young love taken to sea the two were hand in glove like sparrows bound in sacred love a tune that only they can sing a tree of unity they planted by the green eyed sea the branch would hold their love through time a sailor lad was he he said,"dont cry my lovely, mhari before the moon is full i'll return" I'll wait for thee and she sang to him the moon shone full and bright and home he sailed mid-summers night the tree so young and blossoming they slept among the green the world was light and dreams serene the fires in their hearts burned bright Where moss-grown boulders stand, he took her by the lily hand and there they wed at break of day the seas know not of hearts and once again the two must part. "it wont be long, i swear to thee. please wait for me." and she sang to him The hawthorn tree has grown, 10 years she walked shores alone, she hears his whisper in the leaves Home is the sailor lad, home in the sea, forever plaid, Under the wide and starry sky Yes, I will wait for thee, By mountain, sea and tree; And on the wind you'll hear my love, for at the fall of day Beneath the leaves where once we lay I'll sit and sing i'll wait for thee come back to me....
Carry Me By Fae Wiedenhoeft ~ 03 aug 09 ~ for elizabeth and craig’s wedding | for adam Carry me to the summers of our days Carry me to the places we love to play Carry me to the mountains that we’ll climb To see the world together in our time Carry me to the wonders of the stars Carry me through the storms that shake our hearts Carry me when I don’t know which way to go For in your arms is the home I’ve come to know. Ch: For we’ve got Love Love to carry us through We’ve go Love we do Love. I do, I do love you Carry me like the tides hold the sea Carry me through the times we don’t agree Carry me you’re my one and true best friend For everyday is a gift I get again. Carry me to the sunsets of our days Carry me when our bodies are old and gray Carry me when my teeth are gone from my smile Just say you’ll stay and carry me for awhile. Ch: For we’ve got Love Love to carry us through We’ve go Love we do Love. I do, I do, I do I do I do, I will. Carry you.
Home – by Fae Wiedenhoeft The summer takes a sigh The stars and moon are sitting high And I’m not willing to say goodbye For this is my home Storms settled in too long I held up your world, my shoulders strong And even without you, I know I belonged For this is my home The wind is in the night It speaks of a heart-spun flight And it’s far beyond our talks of wrong and right For I know I am home Cedars beckon me near The little birds sing ‘have no fear’ For even that great big sky, it sheds a tear For you’ve found your home My hopes live on your shores and your sand And I am far beyond trying to understand And sometimes love doesn’t walk hand in hand But I know I am home The wind is in the night It speaks of a heart-spun flight And it’s far beyond our talks of wrong and right For I know I am home I’m home.


There are days when all one wants to do is just sit and play some music. Recorded in Doug’s little house, this recording is just that... two friends playing some tunes. Perfectly imperfect.. just like good folk music should be.
Enjoy this fingerprint in time...


released September 7, 2010

All tracks performed & arranged by SeaStar ©2010 Recorded & mixed by Doug Hayman Photography by Captain Chambers. Listen & pass on to accepting ears. Music cannot be tamed.


all rights reserved



SeaStar Seattle, Washington

SeaStar hails from the rainy town of Seattle.
Since 2007, Fae Wiedenhoeft and her band have been entertaining audiences with their unique blend of Celtic Folk. Their award winning, traditional sounding compositions and clever story songs are loved and revered by many across the globe.
They have traveled to many places with their music and cannot wait to share some stories with you!
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